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Kimi Cat shits a pig susage in slaves mouth while Domi cat is filming. Domi Cat comants this from behind the cam and orders Kimi to shit more and more, then they change and Domi Cat empty her yummy ass in slaves mouth. Domi Cat is a cruel cat, she push all the shit deep into slaves throat to help him to swollow!Very dirty talk, but in german!

Princess Nikki was so drunk tonight, but she still loved to use a human toilet!

First Princess Nikki piss in swiss bitch mouth then seh shits on his face and force him to put the shit all over his face!

Princess Nikki and Princess Rachel Evans feeds the slave with yummy enema and also some shit!

Princess Nikki shits two times on her slave in this clip. Once she forces him to rub all her yummy shit in his face!

Today Princess Nikki makes a real big pice of shit...what a lucky day for the pice of shit down under her!

Princess Nikki prepares some yummy shit cakes for you. this clip is a POV clip!

Princess Rachel Evans shits on her slave and forces him to jark with her shit!

Princess Nikki speaks with Maya while she insert a enema in her asshole. Then she comande her slave to lay down and press all the water mixed with shit directly into his mouth!

A slave is holding a plate under Nikkis ass, and the Princess shits a lot of yummy creamy shit. What a slave meal!

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