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The slave is always better trained. this time he eats the entire portion shit. the lady is proud of him, as an ordinary slave must be..this camera is so close on the delicious ashole an shot of the lady bella

I'm feeling really horny for your hard cock up my ass baby but your not here so you have to watch me play then fart, gape my ass and watch me shit for you, so open your mouth and eat it.

Watch as I spread my hole closeup and doggie style kneel on the floor, winking my hole, with a plate underneath spreading as i go closeup and poo poo platter we go. Wipe, spread, dirty talk, smell chat and closeup plate views:) Watch me shit over you! Its a Full plate of shit!!!!

You are a nasty man you want to watch me shit well you have to let it bake in my tummy. Smoking always makes it come out of my butt hole ! You stay down there and watch this nasty shit slide right out it.

Have you ever seen such a beautiful Girl shitting???

Make yourself at home, it is now going on at once! Lie you know? About film backing you still? Are you afraid? Can you make it? Then I start to shit now ... and I am simply your mouth, not the camera!

One of the rules is that the slave should eat everyday with his meal under the toilet seat. Often he has bad luck and the girls need to use the toilet when he is having a lunch. Those times the slave must see how the girls fart and poo on his food unavoidably.

:-) camera to be under my wc and I sit on the toilet lid and half leave it :-) Luckily fall times not taken the camera :-) :-) Horny recording including my comments, as always

Has your girlfriend made you truly happy by making you THIS kind of breakfast in bed..a shitty breakfast? Well this video will show her how to do it right the end you can get nice close up of your tasty morning feast..(pic set will be available in my pic store..

She doesnt see know you are watching so wank off while you are secretly watching her shit..she's sexy but its so fuckin smelly and you love every last drop of her shit..

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