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Together with Miss Jane I take a look in an old storage room because we have to go and the toilets are locked. We find a guy who living in there - without further questions, we decided to use his mouth as a toilet. First I shit onto his skull, then Miss Jane poops in his mouth.

Getting ready for my hot date, I am so excited and so horny I put on a sexy outfit and stockings. I rush but am running very late, by the time I get to door I feel the urge to poop, I pull my skirt up and my thong to the side and poop right there on the floor! I get a call and have to explain I will be even later then I already am! Looking at my poop on the floor I have no idea what to do with it, I touch it and like the way it feels and smells I rub my shit on my chest, then I rub it on my eye lids, and face ! It looks so good I want to rub it every where all over my pussy and I use my Hitachi wand, fucking my pussy with my dirty fingers until I cum!

Have you ever seen such a beautiful Girl shitting???

She is not shaved, a pure natural girl! - Travelling the US and working as a waitress!!

Opps I did It again ... I couldnt hold it !! It was so much poo It filled my white cotton panties !! So messy and stinky !! I rubbed the shit all over my ass and made a huge mess !! The panties are filled with my shit and my ass is covered . Then I jump into the shower to get clean !!

Tameka dispenses a pile of chocolate then gets in close for a shot of the aftermath. She spreads her ass so you can perfectly see her asshole. Do you want to lick it clean with your tongue...?

Scat Goddess lays on her side and fills up white cotton panty with a messy runny poop. Goddess pulls down her panty to show her big load and scat running down her hot. She plays with her sexy pussy making an even bigger wet mess! Then when shes done getting off she shows the mess she has made all over her floor as well as all over herself.

I made some special cereal for you! I wore my sexy dress, my sexy high heels and I show my sexy feet! Yummy! Eat up losers!!! You love my pussy and my ass, don't you...!?

4 clips in 1 from bootylicious Angelina. Trust me it's worth the price of admission, check out out the preview image for a taste of what to expect. So don't waste any more time and just join her!

A very very close view of my anus. Im on my period so you can see my tampon string dangle as I push. I show off my asshole, wiping and aftermath. And you can also see a lot of my pussy hair!

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