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Lady Celine is an arrogant lady, who sometimes used to a toilet slave. She uses a toilet seat, extra prepared for a toilet slave. She sits very elegantly in this chair and without asking him she pees and poops the toilet slave into his mouth. She attaches great importance that everything is eaten and then is licked clean.

I used my slave again. So I shit and fart into his mouth. The Slave enjoys my farts, chews through the shit well and swallows everything good. After he has done his job I spit and put my feet on his toilet face.

It goes on with aother beautiful lady which have to shit and ignore the human toilet and without asking him how he feels. she just shits another pile in his wide open mouth.

The New Year's Day we have eaten a lot of Japanese food, Sushi, Sashimi, Soups, tagliatelle... while you are hungry waiting we digest all in order to receive your Christmas meal from our assholes. Bon appetit.

This caged slave is thankful for being released out of his cage but it is not for exercise. It is for punishment! He is ordered to position himself under the human toilet stool and his mistress gives him a fresh delivery of her brown sausage directly into his mouth and he consumes it like a hungry dog. His thanks... is to be trampled with his mistresses high heels poking into his skin!

Everyday, after breakfast, we prepare the food for the slave. One after one we like to take our morning shit on a plate, ready to be eaten for the loser. We love to know that all we eat will be eaten once digested for him. The slave's menu is served straight from our assholes.

A new toilet slave has been successfully applied to us and Lady Grace Lady Angie and test this new slave extensively on usability for toilet services. It soon becomes clear that he has exaggerated in the email and now lies on the ground and is full of shit...

One of the rules is that the slave should eat everyday with his meal under the toilet seat. Often he has bad luck and the girls need to use the toilet when he is having a lunch. Those times the slave must see how the girls fart and poo on his food unavoidably.

Here I shit a big pile on the slave. I cover his face with caviar and rub the rest on the chest. Then I give him until he squirts a hot handjob. He has so much shit on his body, he is nearly completely covered with scat - when I force him to pump his cum out!

You have been locked in cage for two days already. You just pissed me off and I'm determined to punish you in an exemplary way. You don't even realize how you're disrespectful and undisciplined. How many times you jerked your dick without my permission, how many times you fooling around like a bitch in heat, to snoop in other studios. And now YOU MUST pay the pledge! A whole month in a cage, in the dark, locked in my dungeons. How long can a man stand without eating or drinking? No more than three days I think ... and I think your stay will be longer... isn't it? What are you going to eat and drink to avoid dying? After two days of segregation I will give you what is going to be your meal for the entire month: shit and pee every time I have to evacuate!

I shit a big pile in the visions of my slaves. Then I rub everything on it. Besides, I massage the hot cock. So the slave is covered with my shit all over his body after a while - but I love it! :D

I was sitting on the toilet and I could feel a huge shit waiting to be released ... and it seemed to be such a waste to drop it in the toilet, so I called my slave in and had him lay on the floor. I squatted over his chest and let loose!

6ft amazon Ms. Anna gets out of bed and decides to make lunch for her toilet slave. Watch as she prepares him a squirt of her golden nectar and a monster dump right from her big juicy ass with a side of whole wheat bread. After preparing lunch she calls him in to clean her dirty, shit stained ass with his tongue

BBW scat mistress Ms Tena takes a dump on a slave. The human toilet doesn't like to eat her scat but he has no chance. She unloads a very huge dump on him. Can he swallow everything...? Come and find it out!

I was feeling a little bloated and constipated this weekend, so I decided to rely on old faithful ... some good hot coffee with cream and sugar. That ALWAYS gets me moving and today was no different. Took a nice big shit with some big wet farts and then made my slave come stick his face down in the bowl and smell me!

Tasty and delicious for you, her scat slave..she lays down for you to open your mouth and let her pour it in.. you serve as her toilet slave.. her only slave, I know , you wish you were under my ass, dont you

Ms Anna decides against using the bathroom and decides to use her slave instead. She drenches his face in her golden nectar then finishes it off with a huge pile in the slaves face.At the end of the clip see the load that was piled up on his face.

Girl is shitting in man's mouth while being interviewed. He has to eat a lot of shit and she shows no mercy - what a brat girl! He has to answer her a lot of questions - if he can...!

The slave is laying on the balcony. Princess Nikki shits in a bowl while he is watching her. She opans the door and force him to eat her yummy shit!Shit eating!!!

Thick and long Shit streaming into his mouth. He has to eat a hot and warm pile of caviar

Big butt Cassie Sparx makes the slave beg for her nasty shit load.

Princess Nikki is an inteligent girl, she not only can shit but also read....why not doing both at the same time. Sure not at the toilett but directly in slaves mouth!

the slave serves Princess Nikki a real shit whine.Well shit belongs to shit, so Nikki shits into the glas! What a perfect mix for the slaves!

Features Shit eating punishment and Scat Mistress Ms Tena. Both clips for 1 price!!!

Princess Nikki enjoys the sun speaks with her friend at the phone, the slave is laying under her and she piss and shit in his mouth!

Mistress Rayven sits on her slaves mouth and gives him a nice feeding and he eats every bit.

The 8 girls need to pee so bad. All of them take turns in order to pee on the slaves face. This is a real point of view from the slaves eyes.

Thats the first time shiting in front of a camera for Princess Rachel Evans. Unfortunatlly she can shit only a very litlle pice. She force the slave to eat her shit!

Sonya needs to use the slaves face to take a shit in the morning. Day by day his face is the container for all the bodily waste of the girls.

After lunch Rose is in the living room and needs to take a shit. She calls the slave and shows him her butt while inform him that he must prepare his mouth as she need to take a dump. The slave go to the toilet chair and Rose shits pleasantly.

The girls are spending a few days in a cottage. They have installed the human toilet at the garden. At night before going to bed all the girls need to pee. The slave is forced to be all the time under the toilet chair with a funnel in his mouth. The girls pee straight in his throat.

The girls are spending a few days in the slaves house. Of course, he is the full toilet during those days. The girls have a party and need to pee soon. All of them take turns, waiting in line, to pee in the slaves mouth.

Princess Nikki is eating some cake but she has to piss, so she just piss in slaves mouth!

Every morning Noelia has a breakfast and shortly after needs to take a shit. This is the chronicle of a morning, when she pisses newly awakened and take a shit after breakfast. This is what her toilet sees.

Mistress Messalina in jeans mini to skirt humiliates her slave.Humiliation,Pee,Pussy and assworship,Full toilet slavery. Fart Domination.Scat Domination.

The girls have prepared a delicious meal. It is the second day in the slaves house and one of the girls after taste the good food and have a coffee, needs to take a shit. She goes to the human toilet and says ...

First time scat mistress Lady Bianca a thick bottomed black bbw stops by punish the toilet boy with a huge nasty pile of shit while verbally abusing him at the same time. As an added bonus we put the shitting action in slow motion so you could hear all the sounds and see the shit really bury his face.

The Scatmistress Messalina beats her slave merciless, humiliates him with pleasure, forces him to lick her pussy,she pisses into her slave mouth and finally shits in his mouth too.Full toilet slavery.Scat domination.

I was looking for new ways to make my slave suffer and then one of my fans said I should cover his face in plastic wrap so he couldn't breathe. I decided to do one better and put plastic wrap on his face and then take a huge shit on it! It was a great idea until the plastic wrap slid off his face.

A session with Lady Ginger and me can get really dirty. Our slave not only must suffer, but also eat dirt from the soles of my shoes, drink pee and eat scat. We were not bored during this half hour. Look yourself, how our cur must stand our dirty tricks. No one of my fans should miss this video!

We rent again a cottage for 4 days. The girls are happy to be there and of course the slave will be the full toilet during that time. The first night we made a party in the living and the girls were drinking and laughing. At midnight one of the girls needs to take a shit and goes to visit the human toilet for the first time.

Mistress Messalina in jeans mini to skirt humiliates her slave.Humiliation,Pee,Pussy and assworship. Full toilet slavery. Scat Domination.

The toilet slave is bossed around, tortured with high heels and must swallows several times: Scat, golden shower, ballbusting, spitting

Princess Nikki looks so sexy in her dress! Her new slave Vickinger will be used as a full toilet for the first time in his life! Princess Nikki always gat what she wants:)

The slave is forced to spend all day lying under the toilet seat. In the afternoon Raquel takes a dump on his face while smoking a cigarrete.

Crazy ! Here you see the most perfect human toilet ever. Lady Kalida shows how to use it. Pee and Scat clear away in his gullet.There is no escape for this poor toilet. And after doing her business, she puts the toilet-brush completely in the slaves ass.