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I used my slave again. So I shit and fart into his mouth. The Slave enjoys my farts, chews through the shit well and swallows everything good. After he has done his job I spit and put my feet on his toilet face.

You can understand also that my cuckolded slave do a big travel to be my toilet, and it was also the first time for him!!! Great wc, great slave! We do not know at the beginning if he can do it but he try and he do it. He try also to eat. And he eat!!!! A lot of things into this last long clip, also spitting, pee, delight and great satisfaction for me!

First she poos laying on her side and shows you her results..and then proceeds to let you see her pooing on the sole of her feet and pee onto the toweland after letting hot nasty poo fall onto her soft soles .. she wipes her self and offers it to you to sniff the hot smelly shit that has just fallen from her round brown assthis is the uncut version

For the foot fetish lover and the chocolate lovers... watch her spread her ass as her feet come in and out of frame..listen as she pushes the poo out. You will love her ass and her sounds!

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