Dirty Scatsessions - Shiteating Toiletslaves and Shitting Mistresses

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You are a nasty man you want to watch me shit well you have to let it bake in my tummy. Smoking always makes it come out of my butt hole ! You stay down there and watch this nasty shit slide right out it.

Have you ever seen such a beautiful Girl shitting???

Everyday, after breakfast, we prepare the food for the slave. One after one we like to take our morning shit on a plate, ready to be eaten for the loser. We love to know that all we eat will be eaten once digested for him. The slave's menu is served straight from our assholes.

Serena pleasures in part one of heavy shitting and pissing in her slave mouth!

A new slave must get some education for being a good toilet and gets bound helpless. Miss Jane and me decide to feed him with our shit. With some painful games on his nipples and balls, we convince him to swallow it all.

She is not shaved, a pure natural girl! - Travelling the US and working as a waitress!!