Dirty Scatsessions - Shiteating Toiletslaves and Shitting Mistresses

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Getting ready for my hot date, I am so excited and so horny I put on a sexy outfit and stockings. I rush but am running very late, by the time I get to door I feel the urge to poop, I pull my skirt up and my thong to the side and poop right there on the floor! I get a call and have to explain I will be even later then I already am! Looking at my poop on the floor I have no idea what to do with it, I touch it and like the way it feels and smells I rub my shit on my chest, then I rub it on my eye lids, and face ! It looks so good I want to rub it every where all over my pussy and I use my Hitachi wand, fucking my pussy with my dirty fingers until I cum!