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The Time has come ... I really have to go and you will eat my shit every last chunk will be going into your stomach ! Does it taste good? It smells nasty and you have a lot to eat !! Huge wet messy shit !

Getting ready for my hot date, I am so excited and so horny I put on a sexy outfit and stockings. I rush but am running very late, by the time I get to door I feel the urge to poop, I pull my skirt up and my thong to the side and poop right there on the floor! I get a call and have to explain I will be even later then I already am! Looking at my poop on the floor I have no idea what to do with it, I touch it and like the way it feels and smells I rub my shit on my chest, then I rub it on my eye lids, and face ! It looks so good I want to rub it every where all over my pussy and I use my Hitachi wand, fucking my pussy with my dirty fingers until I cum!

Scat Goddess lays on her side and fills up white cotton panty with a messy runny poop. Goddess pulls down her panty to show her big load and scat running down her hot. She plays with her sexy pussy making an even bigger wet mess! Then when shes done getting off she shows the mess she has made all over her floor as well as all over herself.

Here is one of me resting on my side, making a little bit of a mess. Before finally showing you my sexy little pooper. Wiping and aftermath pics as well :)

A great shot from the back. I'm bent over the edge of the counter pushing with all my might. I whipped up this chocolate delight just for you. This baby has been brewing for the past 2 days! Wiping and aftermath!

I start out standing over the back of the toilet. Pushing hard to get this HUGE crap out of me. A few good plops, before I turn around and take a seat, exhausted from pushing and from the cramps in my stomach. :( OUCH! I do some pushing & rubbing on my tummy as I rant about being constipated for the past 2 days! You also get a little bit of wiping and aftermath! I even let you say goodbye to this load as we watch it flush.

Another over the edge of the bathroom counter, my sweet little asshole in your face as I push out this chocolate log. Mmmmm looks delicious doesn't it?!?! LOL - Come and get this clip!

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