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Well there you have missed you but what you can not You little Ferkel.Da yes you get to eat, I just had to try my own fresh shit.

Thick and long Shit streaming into his mouth. He has to eat a hot and warm pile of caviar

Big butt Cassie Sparx makes the slave beg for her nasty shit load.

Its Mistress Rayvens slaves birthday today and she gives him the best birthday a slave could have. She gives him a beautiful view of the gorgeous ass he loves being under so much. Best of all she baked him a German chocolate cake with ice cream and a nice bountiful helping of her own brand of chocolate and gets to lick her clean.

Hungry Slave is spoon feed stored shit. See Saved Lunch Video ;)

Features Shit eating punishment and Scat Mistress Ms Tena. Both clips for 1 price!!!

Piggy want his slop but I have something better. OINK OINK!

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