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I decided to do my first enema...I was feeling so bloated I thought it would help me out. Plus I had a cute jack-o-lantern that was just screaming for some CHOCOLATE! So I did slave gave me an enema and then when it was time to let it go, I used the jack-o-lantern as the target under my ass when I let go! This clip is one of the dirtiest I've done...wet, loud, nasty...and you get to see it from the front row so close you can almost smell it!

Grandma takes two dumps for us. One while sitting on the pot and talking shit and then another one on a party plate on the floor. She produces a nice big thick log.

Scat Ladies Princess Nikki has a dirty idea. She takes an enema and after that she shits about the parapet. Down stairs is waiting a slave and catch her shit with his hands. Then Princess Nikki goes down and sends her slave to the street, with all the shit on his body. She goes up stairs and uses the tongue of her other toilet slave as toilet paper. The slaves tongue deep penetrates into the asshole from Princess Nikki and cleans the asshole.

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