Dirty Scatsessions - Shiteating Toiletslaves and Shitting Mistresses

All articles tagged with "Piss Humilation"

The slave is laying on the balcony. Princess Nikki shits in a bowl while he is watching her. She opans the door and force him to eat her yummy shit!Shit eating!!!

Princess Nikki is an inteligent girl, she not only can shit but also read....why not doing both at the same time. Sure not at the toilett but directly in slaves mouth!

the slave serves Princess Nikki a real shit whine.Well shit belongs to shit, so Nikki shits into the glas! What a perfect mix for the slaves!

Princess Nikki enjoys the sun speaks with her friend at the phone, the slave is laying under her and she piss and shit in his mouth!

Thats the first time shiting in front of a camera for Princess Rachel Evans. Unfortunatlly she can shit only a very litlle pice. She force the slave to eat her shit!

Princess Nikki is eating some cake but she has to piss, so she just piss in slaves mouth!

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