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You have been locked in cage for two days already. You just pissed me off and I'm determined to punish you in an exemplary way. You don't even realize how you're disrespectful and undisciplined. How many times you jerked your dick without my permission, how many times you fooling around like a bitch in heat, to snoop in other studios. And now YOU MUST pay the pledge! A whole month in a cage, in the dark, locked in my dungeons. How long can a man stand without eating or drinking? No more than three days I think ... and I think your stay will be longer... isn't it? What are you going to eat and drink to avoid dying? After two days of segregation I will give you what is going to be your meal for the entire month: shit and pee every time I have to evacuate!

Have a look at my new clips with the best close-up of my sweet ass shitting for you. You can watch me squeezing out a huge and long sausage right out of my asshole!

:-) camera to be under my wc and I sit on the toilet lid and half leave it :-) Luckily fall times not taken the camera :-) :-) Horny recording including my comments, as always

Has your girlfriend made you truly happy by making you THIS kind of breakfast in bed..a shitty breakfast? Well this video will show her how to do it right the end you can get nice close up of your tasty morning feast..(pic set will be available in my pic store..

4 clips inside this video! You?ll be getting a 9 minute & 40 second long video of me! Look below for a description of the clips themselves!Clip #1: Here I am crouching over a paper towel, watch and be amazed at how my ass produces these beautiful YUMMY chocolate logs! Are my grunts sexy? I know they turn you on! My aim was a bit off, I got a little on the floor. LOL Clip #2: In this clip I am standing over the back of the toilet. You get to see & hear a few good plops of my poop as it splashes into the water. Exhausted from standing I turn around and take a seat, while I am sitting there pushing I tease you a bit by shaking my titties & rubbing on then. Wiping & aftermath as always! Sorry about being lazy in this clip, I am coming down with a cold. ☹Clip #3: Here is another clip of me standing over the back of the toilet. This one is a nice thick log; my asshole spreads nice & wide to let this baby out! Unfortunately my camera died while recording the second part of me as I turned around and sat down on the pot. I continued to push for about 5 more minutes and was able to produce a HUGE load! I added some still pictures of the aftermath!Clip #4: In this clip I am leaning up against the edge of the counter, trying very hard to aim my sexy little puckering anus right at you! Do you like my sexy ass???? How nice & tasty does my asshole look when it?s opening wide with a nice little treat just for you? LOL I try very hard to push this chocolate log out nice & slow in the beginning, I can?t hold it for too long! I really need to go! ☺ This is a nice thick & solid log! You?ll like this clip! ☺

A great shot from the back. I'm bent over the edge of the counter pushing with all my might. I whipped up this chocolate delight just for you. This baby has been brewing for the past 2 days! Wiping and aftermath!

Here we go! This is a nice STINKY two toned log! 2/3 of it is solid and the remainder was mushy? funny thing those bowel movements are! ☺ Do you like me bent over like this? Haha? you know you would take it any way I was willing to give it! I know you fantasize about my dirty asshole & you tongue all day & night! Stay right there, move vids are coming soon!

I start out standing over the back of the toilet. Pushing hard to get this HUGE crap out of me. A few good plops, before I turn around and take a seat, exhausted from pushing and from the cramps in my stomach. :( OUCH! I do some pushing & rubbing on my tummy as I rant about being constipated for the past 2 days! You also get a little bit of wiping and aftermath! I even let you say goodbye to this load as we watch it flush.

Here I am standing over the back of the toilet. A few good plops as my soft load splashes into the toilet bowl beneath me! I had to turn around and take a seat, BOY... is it hard to stand & poop! lol I push some more & then wipe. After wiping I bend over and let you inspect my asshole! Is it clean?!!? :)

Here's a clip from Kiska. Squatting over a clear bowl in the bathroom. She takes a BIG dump right before your eyes. Aftermath pics added. So don't waste any more time and buy this clip now!

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