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While out for a stroll, I had the intense urge to poo. I see my hot friend's house and ask to use his bathroom. He allows me in, and to my surprise, he follows me in! I now know that he has a potty fetish. I seductively strip for him, teasing him with my curves. I ask him to lay down and I squat over his face. I poo for him. It's a solid poo, and larger than my usual load. My friend Tyler loved it! I had him wipe my ass, when I was on all fours. His cock was so hard and it turned me on. I needed him to fuck me.He bent me over the tub and pounded me hard from behind. The feeling of my little asshole throbbing from a big poo and then getting pounded hard from behind made me cum hard! Tyler blew his load all over my asshole, and I tasted it and thanked him. OMG! I think I am in love with Tyler.

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