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My ass letting out endless stream of scat; hard, soft, big, long and golden streams!!!Over 30 minutes of scat releases at increasingly more appetizing angles and a handful of farts + piss shows. This is what happens in my bathroom on the daily and your mouth is invited.

Quick, quick, make the ass was free once again fashionable! .. Why the siehste also immediately :-) Pupsend the brown gravy running out of my beautiful backside :-) and at the end I see the mess left behind in the bathtub.

I made some special cereal for you! I wore my sexy dress, my sexy high heels and I show my sexy feet! Yummy! Eat up losers!!! You love my pussy and my ass, don't you...!?

Took a road trip to several states last week and I decided to film a couple of bathroom trips along the way! You get to see three spots in this clip and I take a shit in all three cities and let you get a look at my bowl full of hot chocolate, see the wipes when I clean up and of course hear all the nice wet farts and pee. At the end you get to see a really nice close up of my ass spread wide open - too bad you couldn't be there to clean it for me!!!

I wanted to get a new perspective on the chocolate videos, so when I saw this bedside toilet, I couldn't pass it up!!! This is the first video I shot with it, but believe me, there will be many more to come! It's great for letting you see angles that you wouldn't get to see if I was sitting on a conventional toilet. If you like CHOCOLATE, then you will really enjoy this clip ... you get the front and rear view of me filling up the bowl and then a close up of the big, hot pile of chocolate and even the wipes after I clean up ... speaking of which ... I shouldn't have to use wipes, I should have a nice wet tongue back there to clean me up! Any slave volunteers??? I need someone under the seat for the next time I use the it!

Oh man, I probably shouldn't have eaten that big old hamburger last night. It was tearing my stomach up and I had to take a huge sh**! I talk about how it feels and you can hear it loud and clear - then I wipe clean and let you have a peek!

Seems my stubborn little love nugget didn't want to come out today! Did alot of pushing. I let a loud fart rip with my very 1st push. A few good plops, even splashed some water onto the seat. View from the back of the toilet!

I was feeling a little bloated and constipated this weekend, so I decided to rely on old faithful ... some good hot coffee with cream and sugar. That ALWAYS gets me moving and today was no different. Took a nice big shit with some big wet farts and then made my slave come stick his face down in the bowl and smell me!

I knew when I woke up it was going to be one of those mornings when I was full of gas! So I told my slave to get the camera ready and put his face where it belongs ... in the crack of my big black ass! I proceeded to unload fart after fart - long, wet, bubbly and SMELLY! I grab his hair and pull him into my ass and force him to smell ever last blast! At that point, you hear me tell him that there is something way more than farts ready to come out ... yes, I caught that on tape too, including the scene where I make him deep clean my ass after I get off the toilet, so if you like nasty farts, shit and watching a slave being used, you will love this clip!

I started out to do a panty farting video ... but I pushed a little too hard! LOL Ooops! I had to run to the bathroom (with the camera following me of course) because I thought I had filled my panties ... luckily my cheeks caught it. I went ahead and let out the rest of that hot CHOCOLATE in the toilet and of course I called my slave over and shoved his head down between my legs in the bowl while I pushed out wet farts and even wetter CHOCOLATE! Hope you enjoy ... next time I will go ahead and fill up the panties for you!

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