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2 clips inside this video! :) 1st clip is a MESSY one! An up close and personal shot with none other than my puckering anus and my hairy vagina.... I push out this load on the counter & hop down. Not knowing I just smashed a little love nugget in between my ass cheeks. VERY messy wiping in this clip. The 2nd clip is of me standing over the back of the toilet as I push out this bomb. Ker-plunk she blows! LOL you get to see the aftermath as well as a close up of my asshole after going!

Here is one of me resting on my side, making a little bit of a mess. Before finally showing you my sexy little pooper. Wiping and aftermath pics as well :)

Happy 2012! Lets CELEBRATE with this 3-in-1 clip! Woot Woot! Am I awesome or what? LOL. The 1st clip is of me crouching in front of the tub, watch as I push this mushy stuff out. The 2nd is of me slightly bent over the edge of the counter, asshole out! :) I know how much you LOVE that angle! GREAT view as I push this load out! 3rd angle is a GREAT clip as well, you can really see my asshole puckering in this one as I'm crouching by the tub! Enjoy!!!

2 potty scenes in this one! So you can have a lot of shitting fun for a very nice price. Do you want to be my toilet paper? Or do you prefer to lick the shit away from my used paper?

Here I am standing over the back of the toilet. A few good plops as my soft load splashes into the toilet bowl beneath me! I had to turn around and take a seat, BOY... is it hard to stand & poop! lol I push some more & then wipe. After wiping I bend over and let you inspect my asshole! Is it clean?!!? :)

Another over the edge of the bathroom counter, my sweet little asshole in your face as I push out this chocolate log. Mmmmm looks delicious doesn't it?!?! LOL - Come and get this clip!

Here's a clip from Kiska. Squatting over a clear bowl in the bathroom. She takes a BIG dump right before your eyes. Aftermath pics added. So don't waste any more time and buy this clip now!

Going potty in a short skirt & heels. Some pushing & plops. Its kinda mushy again! Watch it swirl in the bowl as I flush it down. Added 5 pics to the end of me in the sexy little number. :) ENJOY

Seems my stubborn little love nugget didn't want to come out today! Did alot of pushing. I let a loud fart rip with my very 1st push. A few good plops, even splashed some water onto the seat. View from the back of the toilet!

Another shitting vid for you boys! 2 clips in this one. Totaling 5:22. Both views from the back so you can see my puckering anus in action! :) I know how you love to see this. So come and buy them NOW!

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