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Two clips of me taking a dump! Totaling 5 minutes and 45 seconds.071212- This is the 1st clip. I am sitting over the edge of the toilet taking a crap in the garbage can. My tampon string is dangling the whole entire video. You can see my asshole work as I strain to push out this load. I push out a pretty good amount. I was pretty shocked. Some wiping and aftermath. This load was on the softer side and STINKS!071512- This is what happens after not pooping for two day. My stomach was cramping so bad! I pushed out what I could and as I got up I felt like I was going to shit myself. LOL Not having time to grab the camera and set up, I push and pushed a TON out into the toilet. Wish I would have gotten this whole one on video, would have been the biggest crap I have ever taken! I did get pictures of the poop in the toilet. It just kept coming!

3 new clips in side this vid. These ones are straight to business! No wiping, just my sexy pooper working its magic as it produces all this wonderful chocolate for you to enjoy. totaling 3 minutes and 38 seconds.

5 New Clips - totaling 7 minutes and 24 seconds081911: This is the first clip, I am bent over the counter feeling as though I need to take a poop. As I was pushing, whoosh?. I started to pee all over the counter! LOL I didn't get the entire thing, I had to grab my camera off the counter before it went swimming!!!!101211: I start out sitting on the counter, unable to poop, I stand and reposition myself. Here we go, thats much better. I take a pretty big crap in this clip! I felt as though my asshole was really working during this bowel movement. =) You can see my anus as I push this chocolate log out.070412: In this clip I am squatting over am empty toilet paper bag. Another good shot of my puckering anus at work! Don't you love when you can see right up in there? LOL. Tons of wiping and aftermath.070912: In this clip, I felt as though I needed to poop and didn't have enough set the camera up, so I sat down and ended up peeing. Luckily I caught it on tape! =)070912: This is the last clip in this compilation. About an hour after the previous video, I finally had to take a shit! I am bent over the edge of the toilet. I really needed to push so propping my leg up really helped a lot! A few good plops as I drop this load off. I pushed a lot out, it was kinda mushy though. I bend over and do some wiping and aftermath pics for you.

Well, you little pig, did you like my feet I've come into my fresh shit to lick clean? I bet you that you you is not shit traust.Geiler dirty talk and great shot.

Here is a clip of Unique's sexy EBONY booty as she produces this delicious chocolate load for you. Watch as her asshole delivers this dessert right in front of your face.

Watch as Unique's cocoa ass makes you a delicious dessert as you wish it was right in your mouth. Can you feel it tingle against your taste buds??? You know you want her thick ebony ass to smother your face as she force feeds you her chocolate pudding. Open up and get ready!

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