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I have my slave on his knees and bound on the suspension, hes been waiting on me for a while. I eventually arrive wearing a pair of my favourite black silk stockings. Im going to tease my bitch, as I know he enjoys having his face in my beautiful ass. As I tease and taunt him I press it against him and tell him how lucky he is. I also told him if he is a good slave I might reward him with a special treat. I take him from the suspension, and tell him to lie on the floor. I get him to worship my silky feet, as I press them over his face and mouth. Then I use my beautiful ass to facesit and smother him. As promised its time for his treat, so I tell him hes going to eat my shit. With his mouth open I put my ass near his face, and fill his mouth with my shit. I warn him he has to chew it and swallow it all. To make sure he doesnt waste any, I get some tape and place it tightly over his mouth. What a lucky bitch of a slave to be gagging for my shit.

Today I have my slave on the floor and hes going to worship my feet. I have told him if he can clean my shoes and get his tongue going, then I may reward him. Hes does enjoy eating my shit, and also being under my beautiful ass. After a while of licking my shoes, I decide he deserves a little reward. So I facesit on him and get him ready, as hes going to receive my delicious shit. I change position and sit over him, and tell him to get his mouth open nice and wide. As he receives my shit I tell him he has to make sure he chews it, and swallows it all. Hes such a lucky slave to enjoy the pleasure of eating the shit of his beautiful mistress.

This time will be memorable for you slave! No matter whether you have followed me since the first clip on yezzclips, whether this is the first time for you, in any case it will be a unique experience: your personal milestone in the training that you have already started or you are about to start with me, as a human toilet. I'm going to evacuate a huge quantity of shit, that you would have never dreamed of, even in your most extreme coprophilist ravings and dreams! This is the time to materialize the desire you did not even had the opportunity to desire or imagine. BECAUSE MISTRESS GAIA IS ALWAYS ONE STEP BEYOND!


You have been locked in cage for two days already. You just pissed me off and I'm determined to punish you in an exemplary way. You don't even realize how you're disrespectful and undisciplined. How many times you jerked your dick without my permission, how many times you fooling around like a bitch in heat, to snoop in other studios. And now YOU MUST pay the pledge! A whole month in a cage, in the dark, locked in my dungeons. How long can a man stand without eating or drinking? No more than three days I think ... and I think your stay will be longer... isn't it? What are you going to eat and drink to avoid dying? After two days of segregation I will give you what is going to be your meal for the entire month: shit and pee every time I have to evacuate!

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