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A monster load of my delicious shit directly into the open mouth followed by a facesitting. Dreams of a real toilet slave come true. Recorded with 2 cameras you will miss no detail of this extreme humiliation. The slave has no choice but to eat a large part of the shit so as not to suffocate. But because he does his job quite well, he may jerk off his cock as a reward.

She shits a lot today. All the shit comes down between her legs. Then she turns over and superwise the slave by eating all her shit, she starts to feed him spoon by spoon and put some peanuts on the rest of the shit. Slave needs some time but he eat all the shit!

Here you can see my best scenes where I train a total of 9 slaves to everything guzzling toilet. The slaves had to swallow my shit, my spit and my piss.

The two scat cats want to become dirty again! The slave has to lie down on the ground and open his mouth wide! With a spread asshole right in front of his face the shit soon comes out and hits his mouth - Come on, swallow it!

So, my dear, now it's your turn! You are allowed to watch, as I segment passing the Nutella on the slice of bread. And then you can clearly see how much it's too much :-) what I have to Nutella! I take the bread in my hand, you hold it in front of the camera and you eat the bread, and lick the knife clean!

Scat Goddess removes her adorable Hello Kitty panties and lays them down, then gets in the doggystyle position and releases a nice thick log into the panty. She pick up the log filled panty and shows her sexy shit off then decides to take a taste of her own sweetness and sucks on the thick log....mmm so hot!!

She shits into a Taco for you to eat and you just love every second, as she demands you eat every last bite.. she forces you too and you love it. So don't try to hesitate very long and just put the shit taco in your mouth and swallow it!

6ft amazon Ms. Anna gets out of bed and decides to make lunch for her toilet slave. Watch as she prepares him a squirt of her golden nectar and a monster dump right from her big juicy ass with a side of whole wheat bread. After preparing lunch she calls him in to clean her dirty, shit stained ass with his tongue

Watch as ebonyscatprincess prepares your dinner with your favorite ass induced meal. She shits into the burger and fills it with a lot of shit! The sausage looks almost like a real sausage! And now you will have to eat the burger of course!

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