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Have a look at my new clips with the best close-up of my sweet ass shitting for you. You can watch me squeezing out a huge and long sausage right out of my asshole!

This set of clips has 17 minutes of my best clips even some that are not listed in my store.. but has some from my yezz store as well... Ths is also available on DVDThis set includes:attic poosecret poo close uppoo wide openspecial scat burgerwhite panty poosloppy poo 13 secondpoo off a scalepoo in a tubfeast for a king-poo on a platedoggystyle on paperThis clip is as requested by timscatboy...Enjoy

Watch as ebonyscatprincess prepares your dinner with your favorite ass induced meal. She shits into the burger and fills it with a lot of shit! The sausage looks almost like a real sausage! And now you will have to eat the burger of course!

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