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Its important for a slave like you to eat healthy. So the EbonyScatQueen has made you a healthy snack of Melon and Kaviar, she uses the open melon as her potty and demands you go eat it up~CLIP BY REQUEST ~ email me with your request

This oldie but goodie clip is a compilation of my old voyeur poop clips in the bathroom. it shows nothing but different scenes of her shitting thru out the week..and you get to see every last drop come out of that exquisite ass of hers.. she needs a toilet slave ..YOU SHOULD BE THERE

These little blue men thought they were strong enough to catch my load of shit, but NO! They caught the first few drops of poop, but soon they were overwhelmed by my nasty dark shit and they fell over and I proceeded to force out the rest of my load all over them! Going to have to find some better slaves to handle this shit next time ...

You know, I thought the chocolate chilidog clip was going to be the nastiest one for a while ... but I was wrong! I think I topped that with this clip ... it starts off with me enjoying some rich, delicious H.D. ice cream ... one of my favorite flavors, all loaded with chocolate chunks and caramel. After you see me enjoying the ice cream, the scene changes to the next day when it's time for me to turn that ice cream in my own special brand of CHOCOLATE! I decided to put the chocolate right back into the ice cream container for you in case you want to take it home with you . Its a big creamy pile of chocolate and it comes out really loud and messy and you get to watch me fill up the container for you and then I top it off for you with some whipped cream and serve you a big messy spoonful of my special sundae!

Custom clip made for Jbwl, now for your viewing pleasure...spread her ass and open wide.. So enjoy this great chance to view this very special and individual clip! She spreads her ass like she has to widen her ass to let the scat flow out of it...!

This set of clips has 17 minutes of my best clips even some that are not listed in my store.. but has some from my yezz store as well... Ths is also available on DVD This set includes: attic poo secret poo close up poo wide open special scat burger white panty poo sloppy poo 13 second poo off a scale poo in a tub feast for a king-poo on a plate doggystyle on paper This clip is as requested by timscatboy...Enjoy

I couldn't decide what to get you for Christmas, so I decided to get you something every naughty boy and girl wants ... a festive tin filled with my shit! I start this clip with a nice fart right into the camera and then fill up the tin with my slave holding it under my ass. Hope you enjoy!

For the foot fetish lover and the chocolate lovers... watch her spread her ass as her feet come in and out of frame..listen as she pushes the poo out. You will love her ass and her sounds!

You imagine yourself bowing before her perfectly round ass.. waiting patiently as her boots pierce your hands holding you still so that you may enjoy her steaming hot scat falling from her perfected tight asshole, it opens only to feed you...

I knew when I woke up it was going to be one of those mornings when I was full of gas! So I told my slave to get the camera ready and put his face where it belongs ... in the crack of my big black ass! I proceeded to unload fart after fart - long, wet, bubbly and SMELLY! I grab his hair and pull him into my ass and force him to smell ever last blast! At that point, you hear me tell him that there is something way more than farts ready to come out ... yes, I caught that on tape too, including the scene where I make him deep clean my ass after I get off the toilet, so if you like nasty farts, shit and watching a slave being used, you will love this clip!

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