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Here I shit a big pile on the slave. I cover his face with caviar and rub the rest on the chest. Then I give him until he squirts a hot handjob. He has so much shit on his body, he is nearly completely covered with scat - when I force him to pump his cum out!

I shit a big pile in the visions of my slaves. Then I rub everything on it. Besides, I massage the hot cock. So the slave is covered with my shit all over his body after a while - but I love it! :D

6ft amazon Ms. Anna gets out of bed and decides to make lunch for her toilet slave. Watch as she prepares him a squirt of her golden nectar and a monster dump right from her big juicy ass with a side of whole wheat bread. After preparing lunch she calls him in to clean her dirty, shit stained ass with his tongue

BBW scat mistress Ms Tena takes a dump on a slave. The human toilet doesn't like to eat her scat but he has no chance. She unloads a very huge dump on him. Can he swallow everything...? Come and find it out!

I was feeling a little bloated and constipated this weekend, so I decided to rely on old faithful ... some good hot coffee with cream and sugar. That ALWAYS gets me moving and today was no different. Took a nice big shit with some big wet farts and then made my slave come stick his face down in the bowl and smell me!

Tasty and delicious for you, her scat slave..she lays down for you to open your mouth and let her pour it in.. you serve as her toilet slave.. her only slave, I know , you wish you were under my ass, dont you

Madame Dahlia fat slob gets a special treat straight from the source. He is forced to enjoy it slowly. Does he can swallow all the shit? It is more than most toilet slaves can take... But Madame Dahlia doesn't like to show mercy...!

Ms Anna decides against using the bathroom and decides to use her slave instead. She drenches his face in her golden nectar then finishes it off with a huge pile in the slaves face.At the end of the clip see the load that was piled up on his face.

Girl is shitting in man's mouth while being interviewed. He has to eat a lot of shit and she shows no mercy - what a brat girl! He has to answer her a lot of questions - if he can...!

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