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I started out to do a panty farting video ... but I pushed a little too hard! LOL Ooops! I had to run to the bathroom (with the camera following me of course) because I thought I had filled my panties ... luckily my cheeks caught it. I went ahead and let out the rest of that hot CHOCOLATE in the toilet and of course I called my slave over and shoved his head down between my legs in the bowl while I pushed out wet farts and even wetter CHOCOLATE! Hope you enjoy ... next time I will go ahead and fill up the panties for you!

Big butt Cassie Sparx makes the slave beg for her nasty shit load.

Features Shit eating punishment and Scat Mistress Ms Tena. Both clips for 1 price!!!

Scat Ladies Princess Nikki has a dirty idea. She takes an enema and after that she shits about the parapet. Down stairs is waiting a slave and catch her shit with his hands. Then Princess Nikki goes down and sends her slave to the street, with all the shit on his body. She goes up stairs and uses the tongue of her other toilet slave as toilet paper. The slaves tongue deep penetrates into the asshole from Princess Nikki and cleans the asshole.

After lunch Rose is in the living room and needs to take a shit. She calls the slave and shows him her butt while inform him that he must prepare his mouth as she need to take a dump. The slave go to the toilet chair and Rose shits pleasantly.

Every slave has to be my toilet. Just as my new slave, who first massages my feet and then has to stand his first experiences as a toilet. This is his future business. He has to learn a lot, if he wants to serve me! Slowly he is educated, even if he feels he needs to cry. Also my ass must be licked clean.

The girls are spending a few days in a cottage. They have installed the human toilet at the garden. At night before going to bed all the girls need to pee. The slave is forced to be all the time under the toilet chair with a funnel in his mouth. The girls pee straight in his throat.

I shit my slaves directly into the maul. He thought that was totally disgusting.

The girls have prepared a delicious meal. It is the second day in the slaves house and one of the girls after taste the good food and have a coffee, needs to take a shit. She goes to the human toilet and says ...

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