Dirty Scatsessions - Shiteating Toiletslaves and Shitting Mistresses

Here is a clip of Ginger's sexy asshole at work as she pushes out a steady stream of hot steaming poop! She then sit on the toilet to pee and finish wiping. You get to she the aftermath, wave bye bye as she flushing it for you.

My slave decided he could talk back to me, so I made him get in the tub and I soaked him with my piss, all over his face and chest. As I was standing over him pissing, I had the urge to shit, so of course I let that go too! I made him spend the night in the tub, cold and shivering and covered in my piss and shit!

Princess Nikki is eating some cake but she has to piss, so she just piss in slaves mouth!

Every morning Noelia has a breakfast and shortly after needs to take a shit. This is the chronicle of a morning, when she pisses newly awakened and take a shit after breakfast. This is what her toilet sees.

Mistress Messalina in jeans mini to skirt humiliates her slave.Humiliation,Pee,Pussy and assworship,Full toilet slavery. Fart Domination.Scat Domination.

I shit my slaves directly into the maul. He thought that was totally disgusting.

The girls have prepared a delicious meal. It is the second day in the slaves house and one of the girls after taste the good food and have a coffee, needs to take a shit. She goes to the human toilet and says ...

Now, that I like using living toilets, the time has come to close an open account with my old friend. I invited him and confronted him with my plan. Because he could not say anything against, he complied and received a huge portion of scat in his mouth. Probably it was a bit too much - but have a look!

Watch as Unique's cocoa ass makes you a delicious dessert as you wish it was right in your mouth. Can you feel it tingle against your taste buds??? You know you want her thick ebony ass to smother your face as she force feeds you her chocolate pudding. Open up and get ready!

Princess Rachel Evans starts a new series, where her personal slave Toto is filming her in POV-Style while shitting on him!In this clip slave Toto is cleaning the stairs at Princesses house. Princess comes and piss on the stairs first, when he gat it clean again the Princess shitts so he have to start cleaning again.Princess Rachel Evans can piss and shitt whereever she like and her slaves have to clean the mess!