Dirty Scatsessions - Shiteating Toiletslaves and Shitting Mistresses

While drinking my red wine and eating some bits, my lazy slave dog wants something also. Because he is so hungry, he gets my dirty tampon to eat. Then I felt, that I need to shit ? that fits well *smile* - the slave dog receives a big portion directly into his mouth. Very nice, but have a look?

Both Scat Ladies Princess Nikki and Rachel must shit at the same time. Their toilet slaves are waiting outdoor. After shitting of Scat Ladies they let clean her assholes from a toilet slaves tongue. While the toilet slaves have to clean the assholes from their Scat Ladies, the Ladies kiss both and laugh.

After breakfast Helena needs to use the toilet. She take a shit while smoke a cigarrete and wipe her ass with the slaves T-shirt. Day by day she wants to ruin all the slaves clothing using it as a toilet paper.

Every slave has to be my toilet. Just as my new slave, who first massages my feet and then has to stand his first experiences as a toilet. This is his future business. He has to learn a lot, if he wants to serve me! Slowly he is educated, even if he feels he needs to cry. Also my ass must be licked clean.

Princess Nikki shits in the mouths of three hungry slaves. They have to swollow everything!There is enough for all!Extrem Pervers!

Here is a clip of Unique's sexy EBONY booty as she produces this delicious chocolate load for you. Watch as her asshole delivers this dessert right in front of your face.

The girls are spending a few days in a cottage. They have installed the human toilet at the garden. At night before going to bed all the girls need to pee. The slave is forced to be all the time under the toilet chair with a funnel in his mouth. The girls pee straight in his throat.

Mistress Messalina in jeans humiliates her slave.Humiliation,Pee,Pussy and assworship,Full toilet slavery. Scat Domination.

Princess Nikki relax with Maya in the logia. She decide to shit and piss in her slaves mouth!

My slave is advised to clean the restrooms on his knees. After a short check it is time for some education. I choice one toilet and shit on it very nice. Now my useless slave must use his tongue to make the toilet really clean. Because he previously cleaned this toilet only a bit lazy, he now must lick up all the dry piss and shit, that was in it before also? What a pity?

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