Dirty Scatsessions - Shiteating Toiletslaves and Shitting Mistresses

2 potty scenes in this one! So you can have a lot of shitting fun for a very nice price. Do you want to be my toilet paper? Or do you prefer to lick the shit away from my used paper?

I was stuck on a long phone call with my brother and my stomach was really cramping on me and I knew I was going to blow up the bathroom when I finally got him off the line! I was SO right about that! As soon as I turn on the camera and sit on the pot, I let go some massive wet farts and then I start to fill up the bowl with my own hot steaming shit. I spread my legs on the pot so you can see how much I let out and then give you the honor of watching me wipe up and wave goodbye to the shit when I flush it all away!

As she shows you a sample of what it would be like..You Silently sit, waiting to wank off as she first pee's all over your nasty dick, then she proceeds to open her beautiful brown ass and shit all over your dick...your such a sick fuck..this truly gives you pleasure

Here I am standing over the back of the toilet. A few good plops as my soft load splashes into the toilet bowl beneath me! I had to turn around and take a seat, BOY... is it hard to stand & poop! lol I push some more & then wipe. After wiping I bend over and let you inspect my asshole! Is it clean?!!? :)

I decided to do my first enema...I was feeling so bloated I thought it would help me out. Plus I had a cute jack-o-lantern that was just screaming for some CHOCOLATE! So I did slave gave me an enema and then when it was time to let it go, I used the jack-o-lantern as the target under my ass when I let go! This clip is one of the dirtiest I've done...wet, loud, nasty...and you get to see it from the front row so close you can almost smell it!

She shits into a Taco for you to eat and you just love every second, as she demands you eat every last bite.. she forces you too and you love it. So don't try to hesitate very long and just put the shit taco in your mouth and swallow it!

3 in 1 Clip - 526,527,52812This video has 3 short clips in it, totaling 6 minutes and 51 seconds. Almost 7 minutes!52612 - Here is a clip of me standing over the back of the toilet. Spreading my ass apart as I push out this load. This one is a rich chocolate color, some good sounds in this one as the poop plops into the toilet water. =) Wiping and aftermath!52712 - In this clip I am sitting over the edge of the bathtub. Spreading like always, aiming for the little toilet paper I laid out on the floor! GREAT sound effects as the shit explodes out of my ass. You also get a nice view of my anus puckering as I push. I pushed out a decent amount, but even better, I was pushing so hard I creamed on the pile of poop!! You?ll love this one.52812 - Whoa.... a little fart in the beginning of this clip! I am slightly bent over the edge of the toilet as I push this load out. Lots of wiping in the clip! From a few different angles! It was so mushy and soft, the poop was just smeared in my asscrack! Can?t wipe enough, this dirty asshole needs to be washed! LOL

I had a request from a fan to send him a pair of my panties with a huge shit stain ... so I took a video ... I take a huge, wet shit in the toilet with a giant messy fart, then I pull up my panties and shove my hand up in the crack to be sure the panties are stinky and covered in shit! Anyone else have a special request?

Watch as ebonyscatprincess prepares your dinner. She has some really special ingredients. And one of her ingredients comes right out of her asshole! So do you like to taste whatever she serves you...? you better do! Or her wrath will be unbelievable!

Here is a brand new potty adventure! I start out with my sexy ass peeking just over the edge of the counter. I grab my beautiful ass and spread my cheeks for you. Wouldn?t you loved to be all up in there? LOL I know you would. I try to push like this, but lets face it, my tummy was hurting and that was not the most comfortable position! ( I am only 4?11 and I was on my tip-toes)So I decided to try another way. Squatting seemed to have done the trick, in no time my wonderfully delicious chocolate goo was squeezing right out my my sexy little asshole! You love that don?t you?!? As always I included picture of the aftermath and you get to see me wiping!

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