Dirty Scatsessions - Shiteating Toiletslaves and Shitting Mistresses

My lessor stands in my door and accuses me producing porn movies. So me and Miss Jane show him, what we really do. First we torture him a bit, then we brutally push a carrot into his ass and afterwards he gets caviar from us in his mouth. We tell him to chew down all the stinky crap. He will not accuse us again...

Watch this young lady just shitting for you to entertain you! Enjoy!

The ladies talk a little bit and the Toiletslave has to eat the shit from one lady before he has to get in the new position his mouth directly under the butt of the next lady...

My wife is cleaning the bathroom when...

I shit and shit and shit

This caged slave is thankful for being released out of his cage but it is not for exercise. It is for punishment! He is ordered to position himself under the human toilet stool and his mistress gives him a fresh delivery of her brown sausage directly into his mouth and he consumes it like a hungry dog. His thanks... is to be trampled with his mistresses high heels poking into his skin!

A new slave gets my shit and enjoys every piece of shit from me and eats it. Backed his dick with shit. smeared face and chest to me my shit every piece of me.

Mistress Isabella does a lot of shit, into his mouth and on his face!

The two scat cats want to become dirty again! The slave has to lie down on the ground and open his mouth wide! With a spread asshole right in front of his face the shit soon comes out and hits his mouth - Come on, swallow it!

You are a nasty man you want to watch me shit well you have to let it bake in my tummy. Smoking always makes it come out of my butt hole ! You stay down there and watch this nasty shit slide right out it.

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