Dirty Scatsessions - Shiteating Toiletslaves and Shitting Mistresses

Its Mistress Rayvens slaves birthday today and she gives him the best birthday a slave could have. She gives him a beautiful view of the gorgeous ass he loves being under so much. Best of all she baked him a German chocolate cake with ice cream and a nice bountiful helping of her own brand of chocolate and gets to lick her clean.

5 New Clips - totaling 7 minutes and 24 seconds081911: This is the first clip, I am bent over the counter feeling as though I need to take a poop. As I was pushing, whoosh?. I started to pee all over the counter! LOL I didn't get the entire thing, I had to grab my camera off the counter before it went swimming!!!!101211: I start out sitting on the counter, unable to poop, I stand and reposition myself. Here we go, thats much better. I take a pretty big crap in this clip! I felt as though my asshole was really working during this bowel movement. =) You can see my anus as I push this chocolate log out.070412: In this clip I am squatting over am empty toilet paper bag. Another good shot of my puckering anus at work! Don't you love when you can see right up in there? LOL. Tons of wiping and aftermath.070912: In this clip, I felt as though I needed to poop and didn't have enough set the camera up, so I sat down and ended up peeing. Luckily I caught it on tape! =)070912: This is the last clip in this compilation. About an hour after the previous video, I finally had to take a shit! I am bent over the edge of the toilet. I really needed to push so propping my leg up really helped a lot! A few good plops as I drop this load off. I pushed a lot out, it was kinda mushy though. I bend over and do some wiping and aftermath pics for you.

the slave serves Princess Nikki a real shit whine.Well shit belongs to shit, so Nikki shits into the glas! What a perfect mix for the slaves!

My girlfriends are coming over and I am in my pantyhose, pencil skirt, heels, and sexy bra. My guy comes home early from work

Hungry Slave is spoon feed stored shit. See Saved Lunch Video ;)

Features Shit eating punishment and Scat Mistress Ms Tena. Both clips for 1 price!!!

If you loved the scenes where I abused teddy by pissing all over him, just wait until you see me take a big shit on his head and then rub his face in it!

Princess Nikki enjoys the sun speaks with her friend at the phone, the slave is laying under her and she piss and shit in his mouth!

Well, you little pig, did you like my feet I've come into my fresh shit to lick clean? I bet you that you you is not shit traust.Geiler dirty talk and great shot.

Mistress Rayven sits on her slaves mouth and gives him a nice feeding and he eats every bit.

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