Dirty Scatsessions - Shiteating Toiletslaves and Shitting Mistresses

Happy 2012! Lets CELEBRATE with this 3-in-1 clip! Woot Woot! Am I awesome or what? LOL. The 1st clip is of me crouching in front of the tub, watch as I push this mushy stuff out. The 2nd is of me slightly bent over the edge of the counter, asshole out! :) I know how much you LOVE that angle! GREAT view as I push this load out! 3rd angle is a GREAT clip as well, you can really see my asshole puckering in this one as I'm crouching by the tub! Enjoy!!!

Woke up with some real bubble guts, so I went into the bathroom and turned on the cam. I leaned over the sink and pushed out fart after fart with my ass pointed right at the camera. Once I felt more than gas pushing its way out, I sat on the potty and blasted out a huge, loud and sloppy load. Once I get all the shit out, you get to see me wiping my dirty ass and then get a peek into the bowl ... you will be amazed at how much shit I had in me!

As requested, the ebonyscatprincess gets down on her bathroom scale and lets a nice long log out for you to salivate over... mm - This is so long and huge sausage - How much does my shit weight? Do you believe you will find it out...? Let's see...!

A very very close view of my anus. Im on my period so you can see my tampon string dangle as I push. I show off my asshole, wiping and aftermath. And you can also see a lot of my pussy hair!

Yes, you read the title right. This clip has me standing over a plate full of flaming hot cheese curls. I decide to add some "dip" to the plate, straight from my ass. There are several angles of the action including a really close up POV shot of my asshole while I push out the all over the plate. If you're nasty, you know I'm talking to you when I tell you to clean the plate and drink my piss to wash it down. Don't order this if you are not prepared for it.

Spreading her ass open for you to lick clean, after you let her caviar fall into your nasty mouth. Do you already can taste the hot chocolate on your tongue? Don't hesitate any longer and buy the clip!

This download has 7 clips in one! :) 3 from KISKA, and 4 from GINGER! Total of 17 mins! So you will get a lot of different and messy shit clips for a very nice price! Don't wait any longer and satisfy your wish for huge shit logs!

I wanted to get a new perspective on the chocolate videos, so when I saw this bedside toilet, I couldn't pass it up!!! This is the first video I shot with it, but believe me, there will be many more to come! It's great for letting you see angles that you wouldn't get to see if I was sitting on a conventional toilet. If you like CHOCOLATE, then you will really enjoy this clip ... you get the front and rear view of me filling up the bowl and then a close up of the big, hot pile of chocolate and even the wipes after I clean up ... speaking of which ... I shouldn't have to use wipes, I should have a nice wet tongue back there to clean me up! Any slave volunteers??? I need someone under the seat for the next time I use the it!

After being constipated for so long.. I finally got my hands on some apples.. and just watch how long yet so heavy all this poop is that comes outta my little body - is actually 3 minutes long

Mmmmmm... this has a GREAT view of my sexy little puckering anus! I pull my cheeks apart so that you get the best view in the room! Watch as I push this soft load out onto the counter, wiping & aftermath. Plus pics! :)

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