Dirty Scatsessions - Shiteating Toiletslaves and Shitting Mistresses

This set of clips has 17 minutes of my best clips even some that are not listed in my store.. but has some from my yezz store as well... Ths is also available on CD rom This set includes: attic poo - secret poo- close up poo- wide open- scat burger- white panty poo- sloppy poo 13 second -poo off a scale- poo in a tub- feast for a king -poo on a plate- doggystyle on paper This clip is as requested by timscatboy...Enjoy

Let her feed you dinner, after all its fit for king..then watch as she spreads her cheeks for you to watch poo off the side of the tub, she couldnt wait so just went right there..and then gives you a a look the beatiful brown pile - New clip compilation..two in one

Mega-toilet Humiliation! Slave Joschi must serve as a mount next to his mistress bizarre Lady Jessica for the toilet broom. He must when she always goes on the toilet lie besides that and with his taste nice hold back to the dirty loo brooms and after she has cleaned the toilet with that resume this into his mouth, too. Joschi is so also this time, firm displayed with the toilet broom in the mouth besides that and Lady Jessica himself shits. But, this time, still it has considered another nastiness for its toilet slave. It gets its ass over on itself with the toilet paper and stuffs it it then with the shitting remains on this into the mouth. On order of the sadistic Dirty-Mistress Joschi then must lick off and eat the buggered loo paper. It finally still rubs the further shitting remains directly with the paper on its body.

Ebony babe lifts up her dress and drops her poop into the toilet. Two scenes of her pooping in dresses for you.

4:41 am I awoke with my stomach bubbling. OMG I thought I wasn't going to make it. How thoughtful of me to snatch up my camera as I stumbled my way to the bathroom. :) U see how much I care about your happiness?!?! Well the runny stuff shoots out me as I push on the toilet. UGHHHH my tummy hurts & now so does my asshole. :( I laid in bed majority of the day. I hate when my stomach feels like this. I did p-oo-p a second time. Unable to record, I took some snap shots of the aftermath. Enjoy!

The saga begins here !!!!! The 3 girl gang make a big mess with the poor Karla, she was humilate and they shit and vomit in her mouth! Karla gets her limit. The Rulers show her how to eat a big Kaviar! Do not miss this ugly action!

Ms. Anna gives you an up close and personal look as what its like to be her pee drinking shit eating toilet. Hows it feel to drink her pee and eat her fat logs?

i have so much gas,i push them out 4u,and it gets wet and messy just how i like it!cum lick it up and suck my wet farts from my nasty butt!!

Well there you have missed you but what you can not You little Ferkel.Da yes you get to eat, I just had to try my own fresh shit.

I know that you really want to jerk off! You are a dirty little bastard! And you want to jerk it off into my shit loser!

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