Dirty Scatsessions - Shiteating Toiletslaves and Shitting Mistresses

yes, these are the same pantyhose that are up for auction.. you nasty fuck, you wanted to be able to sniff and lick my ass, but i wont let you. But you will still be in heaven, just knowing you can have my soiled pantyhose.. you want them bad dont you.. first i show you the pantyhose then I begin to poop in them and you can here my moans and then I show you the stinky pile in my pantyhose. Some even falls to the floor.. afterwards, i stomp the poo in the upcoming clips...

Here's a great clip of my sexy little pooper. Don't you love when I put my ass in your face? LOL I start out over the counter pushing out this log. You'll like the way my asshole spreads in this clip! I am a bit tired & lazy in this video, I do sit on the toilet for a bit, my tummy has been really hurting and I feel like maybe I can push a bit more. After wiping, my asshole is all tender. I opt to stop wiping... I bend over to show you my dirty asshole before getting ready to shower. I show you the aftermath and I'm off.

You know, I thought the chocolate chilidog clip was going to be the nastiest one for a while ... but I was wrong! I think I topped that with this clip ... it starts off with me enjoying some rich, delicious H.D. ice cream ... one of my favorite flavors, all loaded with chocolate chunks and caramel. After you see me enjoying the ice cream, the scene changes to the next day when it's time for me to turn that ice cream in my own special brand of CHOCOLATE! I decided to put the chocolate right back into the ice cream container for you in case you want to take it home with you . Its a big creamy pile of chocolate and it comes out really loud and messy and you get to watch me fill up the container for you and then I top it off for you with some whipped cream and serve you a big messy spoonful of my special sundae!

By request, he asked the princess to spread for him in the attic..though quiet, you can still hear her moans as she pushes it all out. It was so hard to bring it out of her asshole, it's hard to believe...!

Here's a clip from Kiska. Squatting over a clear bowl in the bathroom. She takes a BIG dump right before your eyes. Aftermath pics added. So don't waste any more time and buy this clip now!

Everyone knows there's not better feeling than the relief you feel when you wake up feeling bloated and you get to sit on the throne and push out a huge sh** to start your day! Yeah, thats what happens in this clip, and you get a good close up view of the action with the camera focused right on my big round ass while I push out my gift for you! Then I let you peek at my 40DDDs while I tell you how stinky it is and finally let you watch me clean my ass (too bad YOU aren't here to do that for me) and then flush away all the evidence. Now I'm ready to start my morning!

Custom clip made for Jbwl, now for your viewing pleasure...spread her ass and open wide.. So enjoy this great chance to view this very special and individual clip! She spreads her ass like she has to widen her ass to let the scat flow out of it...!

This clip here has some good sound effects as I push out this mushy load onto the counter. A little bit of ground hogging....I had to poop way too early. I was so tired that I had to take a seat on the toilet. There is a little bit of talking on the pot, not too much, but you?ll have to excuse the yawning. LOL I?ve added pictures (you can see a few left over peanuts from yesterday)! As well as aftermath and wiping! Oops I almost forgot, I bend over and tease you with freshly wiped ass.

It's always a chore picking out a gift for my sub ... so for Valentine's Day, I figured I would get him something special that no one else could give him! A big steaming heart-shaped bowl full of my shit!

This set of clips has 17 minutes of my best clips even some that are not listed in my store.. but has some from my yezz store as well... Ths is also available on DVD This set includes: attic poo secret poo close up poo wide open special scat burger white panty poo sloppy poo 13 second poo off a scale poo in a tub feast for a king-poo on a plate doggystyle on paper This clip is as requested by timscatboy...Enjoy

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