Dirty Scatsessions - Shiteating Toiletslaves and Shitting Mistresses

Princess Rachel Evans starts a new series, where her personal slave Toto is filming her in POV-Style while shitting on him!In this clip slave Toto is cleaning the stairs at Princesses house. Princess comes and piss on the stairs first, when he gat it clean again the Princess shitts so he have to start cleaning again.Princess Rachel Evans can piss and shitt whereever she like and her slaves have to clean the mess!

First time scat mistress Lady Bianca a thick bottomed black bbw stops by punish the toilet boy with a huge nasty pile of shit while verbally abusing him at the same time. As an added bonus we put the shitting action in slow motion so you could hear all the sounds and see the shit really bury his face.

Clips of a small framed woman producing massive TURDs. What do you think about scat sessions like this ?

The Scatmistress Messalina beats her slave merciless, humiliates him with pleasure, forces him to lick her pussy,she pisses into her slave mouth and finally shits in his mouth too.Full toilet slavery.Scat domination.

I was looking for new ways to make my slave suffer and then one of my fans said I should cover his face in plastic wrap so he couldn't breathe. I decided to do one better and put plastic wrap on his face and then take a huge shit on it! It was a great idea until the plastic wrap slid off his face.

Ebony girl takes a smelly shit right in front of you. Do you want to smell her stinky brown shit ?

A session with Lady Ginger and me can get really dirty. Our slave not only must suffer, but also eat dirt from the soles of my shoes, drink pee and eat scat. We were not bored during this half hour. Look yourself, how our cur must stand our dirty tricks. No one of my fans should miss this video!

This is a clip of my girlfriend taking a MONSTER shit! OMG! You can really see her little asshole get all puffy as it expels this massive log! Her asshole will never be the same! =) Buy this one guys, if you want her to record more vids! =)

This was the first shitting clip of Princess Nikki ever. It happans 2010 in Berlin. Three of her slaves was laying down and Princess Nikki just shits in the pathetic mouths. She did it like a profi, a pice for everyone! She really enjoyed what she did!

We rent again a cottage for 4 days. The girls are happy to be there and of course the slave will be the full toilet during that time. The first night we made a party in the living and the girls were drinking and laughing. At midnight one of the girls needs to take a shit and goes to visit the human toilet for the first time.

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