Dirty Scatsessions - Shiteating Toiletslaves and Shitting Mistresses

A long clip in which the use of the slave is total. The mistress, once removed her panties, he began to defecate directly into the mouth of the slave, who was later forced even the usual cleaning service total.

At first some words about me...I am a real amateur girl, in case you don't believe,.. really, I don't care. I am a quite bright student, and I speak seven languages...I am not some stupid cunt. I already have tried out lots of things like e.g. BDSM, femdom, M/S,... you name it, but I'd never tried to do something with scat...I like to watch scat porn videos, but I really was afraid to do it by myself. Finally I did it. It was something new and unusual, but I like it. Something had happed that surprised me; it was a strong orgasm. Ok I have orgasm, but that one came very quickly and was soooo strong. One thing was boring, the location, a bathroom of my friends. The toilet was out of order. Next time I will try somewhere different....I really wonder about your experience... hope someday I will find out.

I shit my slave directly in his filthy mouth. Extreme Scat Fetish.

While out for a stroll, I had the intense urge to poo. I see my hot friend's house and ask to use his bathroom. He allows me in, and to my surprise, he follows me in! I now know that he has a potty fetish. I seductively strip for him, teasing him with my curves. I ask him to lay down and I squat over his face. I poo for him. It's a solid poo, and larger than my usual load. My friend Tyler loved it! I had him wipe my ass, when I was on all fours. His cock was so hard and it turned me on. I needed him to fuck me.He bent me over the tub and pounded me hard from behind. The feeling of my little asshole throbbing from a big poo and then getting pounded hard from behind made me cum hard! Tyler blew his load all over my asshole, and I tasted it and thanked him. OMG! I think I am in love with Tyler.

Mistress Messalina in jeans mini to skirt humiliates her slave.Humiliation,Pee,Pussy and assworship. Full toilet slavery. Scat Domination.

Julia always wanted to know what she would feel shitting on the face of a man and now she has fulfilled her dream.

The toilet slave is bossed around, tortured with high heels and must swallows several times: Scat, golden shower, ballbusting, spitting

Here is a clip of Ginger's sexy ass. Watch as this load explodes out of her asshole after a little bit of concentration & pushing! Some good sound effects in this clip, ker-plunks and splashes.

Princess Nikki looks so sexy in her dress! Her new slave Vickinger will be used as a full toilet for the first time in his life! Princess Nikki always gat what she wants:)

The slave is forced to spend all day lying under the toilet seat. In the afternoon Raquel takes a dump on his face while smoking a cigarrete.

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