Dirty Scatsessions - Shiteating Toiletslaves and Shitting Mistresses

Seems my stubborn little love nugget didn't want to come out today! Did alot of pushing. I let a loud fart rip with my very 1st push. A few good plops, even splashed some water onto the seat. View from the back of the toilet!

Slave Joschi is abused by Bizarrlady Jessica as a living toilet. However not for her golden shower only but also for her caviar. It must lick itself into the bathtub nakedly and be left receptively. The Dirty-Queen faces with the feet on the brim of the bathtub and tells itself an enema tube into its ass.

Grandma takes two dumps for us. One while sitting on the pot and talking shit and then another one on a party plate on the floor. She produces a nice big thick log.

I was feeling a little bloated and constipated this weekend, so I decided to rely on old faithful ... some good hot coffee with cream and sugar. That ALWAYS gets me moving and today was no different. Took a nice big shit with some big wet farts and then made my slave come stick his face down in the bowl and smell me!

Tasty and delicious for you, her scat slave..she lays down for you to open your mouth and let her pour it in.. you serve as her toilet slave.. her only slave, I know , you wish you were under my ass, dont you

6ft tall amazon Ms. Anna pees and takes a huge dump on the toilet (you can hear her logs splashing as they come out) only to find out that her shit boy forgot to refill the toilet paper. As punishment he is made to lick her big smelly and dirty ass clean. You get to see the huge logs in the toilet after she is done.

Another shitting vid for you boys! 2 clips in this one. Totaling 5:22. Both views from the back so you can see my puckering anus in action! :) I know how you love to see this. So come and buy them NOW!

Do you like scat clips? Of course you do! And I have one very special clip for you! And you will have a very shitty view! My ass is covered with a lot of shit and looks so fucking messy...!

As usual and following the rules, the slave can only eat under the toilet seat. In the morning he is eating toast with butter and jam. In half breakfast a girl comes and ask him to stop eating and leave the toast on the plate, The girl sits on the toilet and take a creamy and soft shit on the toast. She wipe her asshole and wish him a good appetite.

Great Humiliation! Bizarr Lady Jessica lets her two Drecksklaven Joschi and Jonas in the bathroom antanzen. At first the two must play cats to her amusement. You must move like cats, must miaow etc. After that what comes toward her now explains the fair-haired ruler to the two. She takes two tampons into her hands. Himself she tells herself one of the two tampons into her pussy and she shoves the second very deep into her asshole. The two slaves look up expectantly to her. She then pulls out herself the tampons from her openings again. Tampon is red of her rule bleeding and this gets Jonas the one at the front. You be it also it spare into the mouth and it orders it to suck. Jonas sucks her blood from the tampon and sucks it like an ice cream. She then turns off Joschi her arse which is still brown of her shit, because it was at the toilet just before. Joschi muss das Tampon mit dem Mund aus ihrem Arsch ziehen und danach die ganze Scheiße davon runterlecken und aussaugen.Joschi must this draw tampon with the mouth from its arse and after this the whole shit of it down leaky and suck.

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