Dirty Scatsessions - Shiteating Toiletslaves and Shitting Mistresses

Domina with toilet slave. Very stimulating successively to enjoy the different flavors and notes for the slaves.

I'm feeling really horny for your hard cock up my ass baby but your not here so you have to watch me play then fart, gape my ass and watch me shit for you, so open your mouth and eat it.

It goes on with aother beautiful lady which have to shit and ignore the human toilet and without asking him how he feels. she just shits another pile in his wide open mouth.

so close... shut up and enjoy

The New Year's Day we have eaten a lot of Japanese food, Sushi, Sashimi, Soups, tagliatelle... while you are hungry waiting we digest all in order to receive your Christmas meal from our assholes. Bon appetit.

Domestic Goddess is preparing her slave's lunch today, she ate, chew and spit food into the bowl getting it ready for her slave. Downstairs her slave is waiting for his daily ration of food. Mistress lets him out of the cage, ordered him to kneel before her and as a good slave he did. She did squatted on the bowl, it was a bit dry so she squirted on it. Then even better she lets out some of her brown soft shit into the bowl, she mixes it and orders her slave to eat it all.

Getting ready for my hot date, I am so excited and so horny I put on a sexy outfit and stockings. I rush but am running very late, by the time I get to door I feel the urge to poop, I pull my skirt up and my thong to the side and poop right there on the floor! I get a call and have to explain I will be even later then I already am! Looking at my poop on the floor I have no idea what to do with it, I touch it and like the way it feels and smells I rub my shit on my chest, then I rub it on my eye lids, and face ! It looks so good I want to rub it every where all over my pussy and I use my Hitachi wand, fucking my pussy with my dirty fingers until I cum!

You can understand also that my cuckolded slave do a big travel to be my toilet, and it was also the first time for him!!! Great wc, great slave! We do not know at the beginning if he can do it but he try and he do it. He try also to eat. And he eat!!!! A lot of things into this last long clip, also spitting, pee, delight and great satisfaction for me!

At the Japanese Restaurant i have a lunch with my girlfriend. My toilet slave is there for any toilet service.

Watch as I spread my hole closeup and doggie style kneel on the floor, winking my hole, with a plate underneath spreading as i go closeup and poo poo platter we go. Wipe, spread, dirty talk, smell chat and closeup plate views:) Watch me shit over you! Its a Full plate of shit!!!!

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