Dirty Scatsessions - Shiteating Toiletslaves and Shitting Mistresses

Going potty in a short skirt & heels. Some pushing & plops. Its kinda mushy again! Watch it swirl in the bowl as I flush it down. Added 5 pics to the end of me in the sexy little number. :) ENJOY

Power-Humiliation!Bizarrlady Jessica demands everything from her slave of Jona. He must put himself in the bathtub with his nappy first and a whole bubble cargo load into his nappy it pees for him. He must piss, must make to himself up themselves on its order into the nappy into the nappy after that once again. Then it the Dirty-Queen misses itself another finish and shits its full intestines contents also into its nappy. As a crowning end she then opens the nappy, takes the bullshit parts out and distributes them one by one on its face. A big shitting sausage plugs in it greases it for it with its shit into the mouth, the face completely and as a highlight it then still pushes it the whole nappy with its the piss, its piss itself and its shit, into the face and it presses correctly tightly on this.

I couldn't decide what to get you for Christmas, so I decided to get you something every naughty boy and girl wants ... a festive tin filled with my shit! I start this clip with a nice fart right into the camera and then fill up the tin with my slave holding it under my ass. Hope you enjoy!

For the foot fetish lover and the chocolate lovers... watch her spread her ass as her feet come in and out of frame..listen as she pushes the poo out. You will love her ass and her sounds!

6ft amazon Ms. Anna gets out of bed and decides to make lunch for her toilet slave. Watch as she prepares him a squirt of her golden nectar and a monster dump right from her big juicy ass with a side of whole wheat bread. After preparing lunch she calls him in to clean her dirty, shit stained ass with his tongue

Here it is....#2 in panty.Great sound effects.You'll love it.Squirming around before pushing it out & teasing you with my poopy panty! :) So just look at this asshole and everything what will leaves it...!

Lady Devil gives her guest a very special kind of fun in the bathtub.Wrapped helpless in foil he becomes indulged with a golden shower, caviar and spit.Wellness and relaxation on a Sunday afternoon with Lady Devil.

My white cuck's little tiny dick isn't good for much ... so I decided to take a nice big shit all over it! Watch as I give him the camera to hold and then I take a nice big shit and a hot piss all over him!

You imagine yourself bowing before her perfectly round ass.. waiting patiently as her boots pierce your hands holding you still so that you may enjoy her steaming hot scat falling from her perfected tight asshole, it opens only to feed you...

BBW scat mistress Ms Tena takes a dump on a slave. The human toilet doesn't like to eat her scat but he has no chance. She unloads a very huge dump on him. Can he swallow everything...? Come and find it out!

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