Dirty Scatsessions - Shiteating Toiletslaves and Shitting Mistresses

I started out to do a panty farting video ... but I pushed a little too hard! LOL Ooops! I had to run to the bathroom (with the camera following me of course) because I thought I had filled my panties ... luckily my cheeks caught it. I went ahead and let out the rest of that hot CHOCOLATE in the toilet and of course I called my slave over and shoved his head down between my legs in the bowl while I pushed out wet farts and even wetter CHOCOLATE! Hope you enjoy ... next time I will go ahead and fill up the panties for you!

She shits into a Taco for you to eat and you just love every second, as she demands you eat every last bite.. she forces you too and you love it

Bizarr Lady Jessica beats to be her KV slaves to this in the bathroom Joschi and Jonas. The two must kneeling look what has thought up the perverted extreme Queen for her again so. Lady Jessica then shoots both her whole intestines contents on a shoe box in front of this one. Then she takes her own shit with her hands and both on face and bodies she rubs. Finally still writes her for both in German and what they are with the shit on her body English, pigs.

The slave is laying on the balcony. Princess Nikki shits in a bowl while he is watching her. She opans the door and force him to eat her yummy shit!Shit eating!!!

Two clips of me taking a dump! Totaling 5 minutes and 45 seconds.071212- This is the 1st clip. I am sitting over the edge of the toilet taking a crap in the garbage can. My tampon string is dangling the whole entire video. You can see my asshole work as I strain to push out this load. I push out a pretty good amount. I was pretty shocked. Some wiping and aftermath. This load was on the softer side and STINKS!071512- This is what happens after not pooping for two day. My stomach was cramping so bad! I pushed out what I could and as I got up I felt like I was going to shit myself. LOL Not having time to grab the camera and set up, I push and pushed a TON out into the toilet. Wish I would have gotten this whole one on video, would have been the biggest crap I have ever taken! I did get pictures of the poop in the toilet. It just kept coming!

Thick and long Shit streaming into his mouth. He has to eat a hot and warm pile of caviar

Big butt Cassie Sparx makes the slave beg for her nasty shit load.

3 new clips in side this vid. These ones are straight to business! No wiping, just my sexy pooper working its magic as it produces all this wonderful chocolate for you to enjoy. totaling 3 minutes and 38 seconds.

Princess Nikki is an inteligent girl, she not only can shit but also read....why not doing both at the same time. Sure not at the toilett but directly in slaves mouth!

From My Ass to your Mouth BON APPETITE.Not a feeding.Sexy tease with Champagne and Caviar

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