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Oh man, I probably shouldn't have eaten that big old hamburger last night. It was tearing my stomach up and I had to take a huge sh**! I talk about how it feels and you can hear it loud and clear - then I wipe clean and let you have a peek!

Fresh new clips all in one set , over 10 minutes of pooing from the ebony scat princess. This includes the following videos: She shits in her with pantyhose ~ Shit in a Melon - Sleeping and Pooing ~Scat Squash~Shit Breakfast ~ All my latest clips and a few unseen..order now! Before the price goes back up.

Yep, that's right! 3 short clips inside this video! Yay! I know, sometimes my potty adventures just don?t take that long! ☺ When you have to go, you gotta go! In all seriousness, you are getting 5 minutes of me, my dirty asshole, all my chocolate fudge & my sexy plump ass & pussy! What more could you ask for?Take clip #1 for instance... this is a clip of my crouching on the bathroom counter with my bush & asshole in your face. As soon as I start to push I have this reddish-brown mushy poop flowing right out of my asshole. The way it bends in & over itself reminds me of the self serve ice cream places! LOL Some good sound effects in this one, as always there is wiping & aftermath still pictures added!Clip #2: I'm sitting over the edge of the bathroom counter, with my asshole facing you! This one has a nice shot of my sexy starfish dilating as I produce the DARK chocolate log! It's NOT huge, but it will do, more than a mouthful! ☺ I have added some pics of the log as well as a small amount that I pushed out into the toilet at a later time that I was unable to film.Clip #3: This one is the longest of the bunch. HmmmmMy stomach was just hurting, I really needed to go but I could not get comfortable, so I had to try a few positions before I finally was comfortable enough to go! It is another mushy one! I show some close ups of the aftermath & then proceed to wipe some, not fully cleaning it before I show you my dirty asshole. Sorry bb, but my camera died before I could tell you how badly I needed my dirty asshole cleaned!

OK, this is an alternative view of the action in the POOP PIE video, shot up close and personal with an HD camera and uploaded in full HD. If you want to see the shit coming out of my ass so clear you would swear you can smell it, then this is for you! You won't see the kitchen scenes, but you will get a view of the shit and piss as it comes out of me and then a nice close up of me finishing the pie.

Its important for a slave like you to eat healthy. So the EbonyScatQueen has made you a healthy snack of Melon and Kaviar, she uses the open melon as her potty and demands you go eat it up~CLIP BY REQUEST ~ email me with your request

Hey everyone! I'm back! :) Did you miss me?!?!?This clip is just over 3 minutes long. Alot of pushing for only a little big of poop to come out. It was so hard, so dark & sooooo stinky!Watch as my sexy asshole dilates & this stinky little log is produced! I've added a few still pictures of the aftermath right after wiping in the video, enjoy!PS... no my PUSSY is NOT angry, that is just some WILD JUNGLE BUSH! Full grown vegetation! LOL

I woke up this morning after binging on some ice cream last night ... and I had some nice loud gas while I was in bed. Then I went to the bathroom and sat on my throne and took a nice, smelly shit and made my slave stick his head into the bowl and smell! LOL Then I decided I would give him the pleasure of cleaning my shitty asshole with some wipes. Enjoy!

This oldie but goodie clip is a compilation of my old voyeur poop clips in the bathroom. it shows nothing but different scenes of her shitting thru out the week..and you get to see every last drop come out of that exquisite ass of hers.. she needs a toilet slave ..YOU SHOULD BE THERE

Another over the edge of the bathroom counter, my sweet little asshole in your face as I push out this chocolate log. Mmmmm looks delicious doesn't it?!?! LOL - Come and get this clip!

These little blue men thought they were strong enough to catch my load of shit, but NO! They caught the first few drops of poop, but soon they were overwhelmed by my nasty dark shit and they fell over and I proceeded to force out the rest of my load all over them! Going to have to find some better slaves to handle this shit next time ...

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