Dirty Scatsessions - Shiteating Toiletslaves and Shitting Mistresses

One girl needs to take a shit and she ask the slave to have his hands under the toilet seat while she is pooping. She doesn't like to clean the bathroom and she prefers to defecate on the slave's hands.

Sophia is in her friend?s house to go out. She is fed up with making her wait while she puts make-up on her. Sophia decides to go to her friend?s closet . She wil take some of her favourite clothes , perfume them with her own internal odour and leave them in the same place where she took them.

I tease you about how you love to watch Me shit. I show off the dress I'm wearing, then turn around to show off My lace panties. I turtle-head, then start shitting. I push so hard, I start pissing!

You have been locked in cage for two days already. You just pissed me off and I'm determined to punish you in an exemplary way. You don't even realize how you're disrespectful and undisciplined. How many times you jerked your dick without my permission, how many times you fooling around like a bitch in heat, to snoop in other studios. And now YOU MUST pay the pledge! A whole month in a cage, in the dark, locked in my dungeons. How long can a man stand without eating or drinking? No more than three days I think ... and I think your stay will be longer... isn't it? What are you going to eat and drink to avoid dying? After two days of segregation I will give you what is going to be your meal for the entire month: shit and pee every time I have to evacuate!

Scat Goddess lays on her side and fills up white cotton panty with a messy runny poop. Goddess pulls down her panty to show her big load and scat running down her hot. She plays with her sexy pussy making an even bigger wet mess! Then when shes done getting off she shows the mess she has made all over her floor as well as all over herself.

I shit a big pile in the visions of my slaves. Then I rub everything on it. Besides, I massage the hot cock. So the slave is covered with my shit all over his body after a while - but I love it! :D

I was out with my girls Sweetbaby and Miss Jane, as a dirty guy cried for help. When he noticed, that we did not want to help, we already have his money, cellphone and carkeys. The loser was here at the right time. We all needed to go to the toilet, so we used his mouth as toilet. He had to swallow pee 3 times and one time scat, until we stopped beating him. Haha... I think, he will not call for help again, if he seess some girls walk along.

Have a look at my new clips with the best close-up of my sweet ass shitting for you. You can watch me squeezing out a huge and long sausage right out of my asshole!

I made some special cereal for you! I wore my sexy dress, my sexy high heels and I show my sexy feet! Yummy! Eat up losers!!! You love my pussy and my ass, don't you...!?

The goth girls need to pee so bad and one of them need to take a shit too. They don't hesitate to use the slave's mouth again and again for all they need. The slave's mouth is a toilet and is used as such.

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