Dirty Scatsessions - Shiteating Toiletslaves and Shitting Mistresses

This is your introduction to ass worship of the will sit silently and wank off as she opens and closes that ass hole for your viewing pleasure.. So don't wast any more time and get the clip now!

Here we go! This is a nice STINKY two toned log! 2/3 of it is solid and the remainder was mushy? funny thing those bowel movements are! ☺ Do you like me bent over like this? Haha? you know you would take it any way I was willing to give it! I know you fantasize about my dirty asshole & you tongue all day & night! Stay right there, move vids are coming soon!

I went grocery shopping and I was blowing it up every chance I got when I had an isle to myself, then I almost blew myself out of the car on the way home. As soon as I got in, I ran for the toilet and turned on the camera. As soon as I got my dress up and my panties down I let my hot piss flow and barely gave a push and gas and soft shit literally exploded out of my ass! This may have been the biggest, wettest shart I've ever had on camera ... once I finish, you get to see the shit covered wipes and the toilet, complete with splatter poop all over the back of the bowl!

As she shows you a sample of what it would be like..You Silently sit, waiting to wank off as she first pee's all over your nasty dick, then she proceeds to open her beautiful brown ass and shit all over your dick...your such a sick fuck.

I start out standing over the back of the toilet. Pushing hard to get this HUGE crap out of me. A few good plops, before I turn around and take a seat, exhausted from pushing and from the cramps in my stomach. :( OUCH! I do some pushing & rubbing on my tummy as I rant about being constipated for the past 2 days! You also get a little bit of wiping and aftermath! I even let you say goodbye to this load as we watch it flush.

I was trying to come up with some creative new ways to let you get that good close up view you know you want when I'm sitting on the potty. I decided to move the camera right between my legs and put one leg up on the counter so you can have a wide open clear view of my chocolate filling up the bowl! Don't turn the volume up too loud because there is a big fart in the second scene that might blow your speakers! Enjoy and as always send me your creative ideas for custom clips or different views!

Let her feed you dinner, after all its fit for king..then watch as she spreads her cheeks for you to watch poo off the side of the tub, she couldnt wait so just went right there..and then gives you a a look the beatiful brown pile - New clip compilation..two in one.

WHOA this one is HUGE! :) Here I am squatting next to the tub. Im pushing this extra large load out onto a coffee filter. ooops... I missed a little! LOL Wiping and aftermath!

My slave was getting on my nerves telling me he was hungry even after I fed him turkey dinner. I decided to feed him properly by making him an over stuffed burrito ... filled with nice warm shit straight from my ass! Watch me fill up the tortilla from two different angles while he holds it under my big ass, then I add some salsa, sour cream and cheese to it so he can get that authentic flavor! Hope you enjoy it as much as he did!

First she poos laying on her side and shows you her results..and then proceeds to let you see her pooing on the sole of her feet and pee onto the toweland after letting hot nasty poo fall onto her soft soles .. she wipes her self and offers it to you to sniff the hot smelly shit that has just fallen from her round brown assthis is the uncut version

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